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Performances: Plays-Conferences-Events

This section presents moments from the performances, which originated from the creative writing seminar. Choose the performance from the right column for which you want more information.



To the Ministry of Culture, to the British Council, to the Cultural Section of the American Embassy, to the National Book Center and to the Hellenic-American Union for their invaluable and continuing support.

Special thanks go to Mary Haroyianni, Vassilis Tsimboukis, Georgia Galanopoulou, Katerina Peretzi, Iro Papadopoulou, George Baniokos, Arlene Jaquette, Lyn Sever, Elizabeth Corwin.

Special mention to the exceptional director and friend Spyros Kotsopoulos (1959-2009) for the love that he had for us and for everything we experienced near him during the period of the preparation and materialization of our two performances: “The Edge of Attraction” and “A Photograph: Hilda Doolittle,” which he designed and directed.